This project aims to improve signage, provide additional interpretation and investigate this Norman heritage site in more detail.

The Surviving Castle: Eynsford’s Hidden Treasure project will open this Norman castle up to a wider audience by improving signage and providing additional interpretation to complement existing English Heritage boards on site.

Planned further archaeological investigation in the surrounding fields may reveal further information about the castle and landscape during the medieval period.

Exciting interpretation incorporating aerial footage is also being planned, as well as local events at the site which will allow local residents and visitors to find out more about it.


  • Developing onsite interpretation and signage
  • Exploring the site’s archaeology further
  • Local events and community engagement


Best way to travel

The castle is just off the High Street (A225) in the middle of Eynsford village. It is accessed via the narrow unnamed lane directly opposite The Castle Hotel. There is an ‘Eynsford Castle’ sign on the left hand side shortly after at the start of this lane. Continue to follow the lane to the castle entrance.

The address is off High Street, Eynsford, Kent, DA4 0AA


For more information about the Eynsford Castle project, please contact

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