Probably the most significant heritage feature in the valley from this medieval period is Eynsford Castle. This is a rare survival of an early Norman ‘enclosure castle’, which remained unaltered by later building work. Begun by William de Eynsford I in the late 1080s, the castle was later the subject of a hotly disputed inheritance, which reached a climax in 1312 when one of the claimants broke in and vandalised it. Soon afterwards the castle was abandoned, and by the 18th century many of the buildings had fallen into disrepair, being used only as stables and kennels for hunting dogs (English Heritage, 2016).


A message from English Heritage as of May 2022 – Apologies but due to antisocial behaviour issues we have been forced to close Eynsford Castle to protect the site from further vandalism. We are working on a solution to this and will get the castle open as soon as we can. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sign board explaining about inside the castle in front of old castle wall
Rock and flint ruin of castle wall
Sign saying welcome to Eynsford Castle with castle wall behind
green field with castle in the middle in the distance and blue sky above
Sun breaking through clouds over old ruin
river next to grassland with blue sky above
Old ruin of castle with sky above
Brick and flint remains of castle

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