The Darent Valley Trails app enables you to use your smart device to explore the landscapes and heritage of the Darent Valley. Its easy to use features enable you to follow your live position on the map (signal dependent), listen to audio clips, view uploaded images and read route directions.

It is designed to be used without a mobile signal, providing you select and download the trail to your smart phone at home before starting a walk. The app and each of its featured trails are all available free of charge on both the App Store and Google Play.


How to download the app 

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, free of charge.

  App Store – scan the QR code or click the hyperlink


 Google Play – scan the QR code or click the hyperlink


Once you have downloaded the app, we recommend that you select and download the Trail (tour) you wish to do to your smart device so you can use it offline during your walk, in case of a weak (or no) mobile signal. For now, it is only the Samuel Palmer Trail on the app but other routes to explore the Darent Valley will be published in due course. 

Features and tips on using the app
  • The landing page lists all the ‘tours’ (trails) available on the app
  • Each trail overview has useful information including walk difficulty, distance, approximate timings and number of stop points (if relevant)
  • Clicking on a tour will enable you to find out more about the walk before you download it

In the ‘information’ section at the bottom centre of the app’s landing page, you will find the following useful information;

  • app tips – how to enable auto-triggered content, how to navigate the trail by swiping your finger left or right, using the app offline
  • trail tips – walk preparation, any road walking, safety information
  • about the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme
  • funders
  • disclaimer
  • accessibility statement


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  • “the app is terrific – very impressive”
  • “it’s inviting, easy to use and draws you in”
  • “the app has the capability to bring people together to appreciate the place, to appreciate the art and to enjoy the wonderful landscape retained here as part of the Kent Downs AONB”


View of grassland with blue sky above
Old brick bridge across river
© Copyright Paul Burgess photography
Brown dusty path across field with trees and cloudy sky
Large old tree in woodland
Rows of purple lavender in field with green trees at bottom and blue sky above
Large tree with dead wood
© Copyright Paul Burgess photography
Man with brown dog walking along narrow path between hedgerows
People stood on top of field looking at view
Path through meadow with small yellow flowers
Multiple red poppies in field with blue sky above
© Copyright
A group of people walking on a footpath

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