Hedgerows are an important feature of the Darent Valley landscape. They vary in number, size and look across different areas within the Darent Valley but nevertheless they are a constant feature throughout. Hedgerows also provide an essential refuge and corridor for wildlife.

Farming within the lower valley is much more intensive and strongly associated with market gardening. What hedgerow network there once was is now largely lost as the large fields are valued for their efficiency. However, the working of the land is influential in shaping the landscape. The central and upper valley has a rich hedgerow network and in places relics of the once extensive hop fields remain including at Castle Farm and Horton Kirby.

View of grassland with blue sky above
A green field and new stock fence adjacent to a wooded area
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Field with white flowers and green trees behind
Views of fields with hedgerows and sky
Thick hedgerows around green fields
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Country lane leading to a house
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