Our On the Verge project will be based around a partnership with Connect Plus Services. It will work to deliver new approaches to soft estate management beside the motorway network of the M25, M26, M20 and A2 within the Darent Valley.

The aims of this project are to enhance and better integrate verge areas with landscape character, provide improved natural habitat, conserve cultural heritage and enhance tranquillity through reduced noise pollution.

We will also work with Kent Wildlife Trust to support the management and extension of key roadside nature reserves to connect neighbouring habitats and provide important biodiversity areas.


  • Better management of roadside verges
  • Integrate verges with landscape character
  • Improve biodiversity
  • Conserve cultural heritage
  • Enhance tranquillity by reducing noise pollution


If you would like more information on our On the Verge project, please contact darent.valley@kentdowns.org.uk


Grass verge next to road
Flowers in meadow
Bee on flower in chalk grassland

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Roadside Verges

Roadside Verges

Perhaps an area that can sometimes be overlooked, roadside verges are an important feature of the Darent Valley landscape....

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