This project builds a community of partners to develop The Quadrangle Forest Garden next to the River Darent near Shoreham. It is an educational and therapeutic landscape resource for children, young people, adult groups, the local community and visitors to the Darent Valley.

A productive forest garden based on permaculture principles has been created through the regeneration of a degraded field for food production. It is a project that will improve the microbiology of the soil and the biodiversity of the field and surrounding area. The resulting increase in the soil’s capacity for water retention will benefit the river and reduce flooding risk.

DVLPS has funded a short animation, ‘The Field’, telling the story of the regeneration of the Quadrangle’s pasture field into a Forest Garden.

“Our aspirations for this film is to spark curiosity and further research into forest gardening and permaculture, to encourage groups to use The Quadrangle and other permaculture gardens as a learning resource, and to support the emergence of a new approach to agriculture.” (The Quadrangle, November 2019).

Have a look at the Quadrangle’s website to discover more about their Forest Garden, their approach and use of permaculture principles.





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