We’ve partnered with Dartford Orienteering Klubb (DFOK) to enable schools and pupils to find connection with the landscape of the Darent Valley through orienteering. This joint project, School Run – Reading the Landscape, will help to emphasise the many benefits of orienteering as an outdoor activity and embed it within the national curriculum.

DFOK has already mapped the grounds of 15 schools in the Darent Valley and equipped teachers with ideas of how to use orienteering across multiple subjects to enhance learning. The project aims to help pupils develop a better understanding and appreciation of their local heritage and the natural world, as well as a keen interest in a growing outdoor sport that uses the landscape as a canvas for its activities.

It will also support a wide audience to engage in more challenging tests for navigation skills in the local countryside such as permanent orienteering courses (POCs). We are looking to host an inter-schools orienteering competition and DFOK plans to run an introduction to orienteering event at Lullingstone Country Park in June 2021. This will be suitable for families and others with no experience of orienteering but fancy giving it a go!

This exciting project is another way we’re trying to foster a sense of connection that people of all ages have with the Darent Valley landscape including its precious natural and cultural heritage.

Explore DFOK’s school pages to find out more about the School Run project.


  • Encouraging orienteering as an outdoor activity
  • Helping to embed orienteering in the national curriculum
  • Providing support to schools, teachers and pupils


If you would like more information on our School Run – Reading the Landscape orienteering project, please contact darent.valley@kentdowns.org.uk

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