We’ve partnered with Dartford Orienteering Klubb (DFOK) to enable schools and pupils to find connection with the landscape of the Darent Valley through orienteering. This joint project, School Run – Reading the Landscape, will help to emphasise the many benefits of orienteering as an outdoor activity and embed it within the national curriculum.

DFOK has already mapped the grounds of 15 schools in the Darent Valley and equipped teachers with ideas of how to use orienteering across multiple subjects to enhance learning. The project aims to help pupils develop a better understanding and appreciation of their local heritage and the natural world, as well as a keen interest in a growing outdoor sport that uses the landscape as a canvas for its activities.

It will also support a wide audience to engage in more challenging tests for navigation skills in the local countryside such as permanent orienteering courses (POCs). The first Darent Valley primary schools orienteering festival in May 2022 was a great success with plans already underway for 2023. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of navigating their way to the contact points around Lullingstone Country Park and teachers commented on what a great success the event had been and fun had by all.

  • The children loved it today and couldn’t stop talking about it in the cars on the way back. A few we had with us really struggle with confidence and resilience but they responded so well to today, it was a real boost for them. Thanks for organising it! 
  • Can I just say thank you for giving the children such a great experience today. They absolutely loved orienteering and gained so much from it. So proud of them for coming back so positive, building resilience and teamwork.
  • “The children really enjoyed the event.”


Plans are also underway to create a virtual orienteering course at Lullingstone Country Park – further information on how you can enjoy this to follow soon.

Explore DFOK’s school pages to find out more about the School Run project.


If you would like more information on our School Run – Reading the Landscape orienteering project, or your Darent Valley school would like its grounds mapped for orienteering then please contact darent.valley@kentdowns.org.uk

Green meadow with clouds above
wooden sign next to orienteering marker
Orienteering map with various colours and lines on
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Shield for Darent Valley primary schools orienteering festival
12 children in coloured tshirts with trophy on podium in a field
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