We’re working with Puppets with Guts to deliver an exciting participatory theatrical experience that connects audiences with the Darent Valley landscape and the artwork of Samuel Palmer.

This journey begins with Gnomus, the keeper of landscapes and caretaker of the Darent Valley. The story goes that Gnomus used to walk with Samuel Palmer to help him choose which landscapes to paint.

Beginning in Spring 2021, communities and schools in the Darent Valley will be invited to explore, reveal and celebrate stories of the valley landscape from Dartford to Sevenoaks.

Collaborating with Puppets with Guts, audiences will be invited to attend workshops where they will create a series of animated living landscape scenes based loosely on Samuel Palmer’s paintings and explore their own connections to the local landscape.

The project will culminate in a celebration event in Autumn 2021. Stay tuned for more details!


  • Puppetry and performance project
  • Community engagement through art and craft workshops
  • A celebratory performance in Autumn 2021


This is the second phase of the Inspired Palmer Landscapes project. Phase one, saw a series of silk painting, creative writing and story gathering workshops which engaged over 300 local residents and school children. These were led by creative arts organisation, Kinetika, using these specific art forms to explore individual connections to the landscape and generate stories and themes to inform phase 2 of the project. Have a look through the gallery below to see Kinetika’s workshops in action.


If you would like more information on the Animated Landscapes project or you, your organisation or school may wish to be involved in the workshops, please contact darent.valley@kentdowns.org.uk


Clipboard with hand painting a tree on paper
Workbook with writing and a sketch of a tree
Colourful silk painting of horses walking across field
Silk painting of a water wheel
Colourful painting
Hand drawing a tree on paper
Hand colouring in leaves of large tree on black and white sketch
Crayons and paper on a desk
Colour sketch of flowers in foreground and green hills behind
Two boys sketching in books outdoors
Hand painting landscape design onto silk
Group of people sat around tables in hall
Words on paper about trees with a hand writing
Rough sketch of trees and landscape
Colourful silk painting of leaf design
Leaves and paper with people drawing
Hands sketching landscape and nature
Brightly coloured silk painting of leaves
Child sketching trees
Six children kneeling down looking at their drawings of landscape
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