This broad project aims to develop a host of onsite and offsite interpretation through media such as audio, self-guided trails and QR codes.

From the incredible natural landscape and its river, to the fascinating history, to the precious range of plant and animal species that inhabit the region – the Darent Valley has an extraordinary story to tell. We want to help tell it to visitors and residents alike, through a new and diverse range of interpretation materials and platforms.

The project will be based on the interpretation strategy developed specifically for the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme. By using a themed approach, it will provide coherence and consistency  across the region – and better engage audiences.



We are strengthening the resilience of the Darent Valley’s natural and heritage landscape that has been inspiring residents and visitors for centuries.



  1. The Darent Valley has a wealth of historical treasures and stories to discover from across the centuries.
  2. We carefully manage the rich and varied habitats to benefit wildlife, plants and people.
  3. The central artery of the River Darent has been the area’s constant lifeline for 1000s of years and needs looking after.
  4. Visitors and residents have been inspired by the Darent Valley landscape for centuries including visionary landscape artist, Samuel Palmer.
  5. The best way to visit and explore the Darent Valley is on foot, by bike or by train.
  6. The Darent Valley offers many ways to connect to its landscape, physically, mentally and emotionally.



Co-financed by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund