This project builds a community of partners to develop The Quadrangle Forest Garden next to the River Darent near Shoreham.

The Quadrangle is an exciting educational and therapeutic landscape resource for the local community and visitors to the Darent Valley. Using permaculture principles, what was once a degraded field has now been turned into a productive forest garden.

By repurposing the land in this way, this project is already improving the microbiology of the soil and the biodiversity of the field and surrounding area. The resulting increase in the soil’s capacity for water retention will benefit the River Darent and reduce flooding risk.

Food security, biodiversity loss and flood risk are all key challenges of climate change – which makes this project particularly pertinent.

You can find out more about this extraordinary project by watching this short animation (funded by us!). ‘The Field’ tells the story of the regeneration of the Quadrangle’s pasture field into a forest garden.

“Our aspirations for this film are to spark curiosity and further research into forest gardening and permaculture, to encourage groups to use The Quadrangle and other permaculture gardens as a learning resource, and to support the emergence of a new approach to agriculture.” (The Quadrangle, November 2019).


  • Permaculture forest garden
  • Regenerating land for climate resilience
  • Increasing biodiversity
  • Reducing flood risk
  • A community resource and great place to visit


Best way to travel

The Quadrangle is open for specific events please check their website for more details


If you would like more information on the Quadrangle Forest Garden project, please contact



Four people putting mulch around fruit trees in field
A group of seven people listening to information
Three people using two wheelbarrows to add mulch to fruit trees
Lady removing weeds from around small fruit tree in field

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