There are many parts of the Darent Valley that are under-explored and contain hidden heritage. Our Reducing the Pressure project aims to make them accessible and reduce visitor pressure on other sites.

The project aims to support all local communities in the valley to improve access to these areas by making improvements to rights of way, creating new permissive paths and developing circular local landscape trails that help introduce visitors to the heritage of the Darent Valley.

These paths will be accompanied by new interpretation that will encourage visitors to explore the valley away from the traditional ‘hot spots’ close to the river and in the villages. The goal being to disperse the visitor pressures felt in these areas.


  • Local trail improvements
  • Rights of way and new permissive paths
  • Developing circular landscape trails
  • Encourage visitor numbers away from the usual ‘hot spots’


If you would like more information on our Reducing the Pressure project including how to get involved, please contact

Co-financed by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund