SCAPE – water resource management in the Lower Darent Valley (Sevenoaks – River Thames, Dartford)

SCAPE – Shaping Climate change Adaptive PlacEs – is one of three Interreg 2 Seas projects that DVLPS has been successful in securing European funding for. Led by Stad Oostende in Belgium, it delivers against the 2 Seas programme priority of ‘Adaptation to climate change’ and towards the specific objective to ‘Improve the ecosystem-based capacity of 2 Seas stakeholders to climate change and its associated water-related effects’.

The overall objective is:

“SCAPE will develop Landscape Led Design solutions for water management that make coastal landscapes in the 2 Seas area better adapted and more resilient to climate change. SCAPE works with key stakeholders to increase the cost effectiveness of water management applications and will deliver pilots to test innovative tools/solutions that among other effects reduce floods. The project will bring together water managers, planners and architects from across the partnership to jointly develop an approach that uses the landscape to tackle water management problems in rural/urban/fringe coastal areas.”

The Darent Valley forms one of the pilots where this approach will be tested and will contribute to many of the elements being delivered through Programme 4 (Darent Valley Natural and Historic Landscapes) focusing on the central and lower reaches of the valley between Sevenoaks and the River Thames north of Dartford.

Co-financed by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund